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What is Freaky Deeky?

In late 2007, Freaky Deeky creator/producer Hamil Griffin-Cassidy found himself greatly affected by Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, as his live Call-In Karaoke show became untenable once Comcast instituted a three second delay in television broadcasts. After experimenting with other shows, including Freaky Deeky predecessor PoetVision, Freaky Deeky was born and first hit airwaves in January 2008.

During the first year, the show consisted of electronic musician Micah Buckley-Farlee, host "Rock N Roll Ray" Raymond P. Whalen, as well as Hamil and a rotating cast of various friends/girlfriends/boyfriends/animal friends. Compared to the Freaky Deeky of today, it was a minimalist affair including few Freaks and fewer camera movements. Hamil split his time between the control room and being in front of the camera, and as such the level of video remixing was much simpler than what you see on the show today.

That changed in January 2009, when, after working together at a New Year's Eve party, Hal Lovemelt aka Time Squid brought some of his video gear down to MTN studios and suddenly the show's technical department doubled. The on-screen results were plain to see. The video remixing got more intense. Cameras got moved. Naked time got nakeder. Later in 2009, each episode was given a theme, which is something we try to build the show around but mostly ignore.

Brent Koenig and Mich Maske took over as the show's musicians in 2009, with Micah off in Germany. Eventually, a rotating cast of musicians, including the original musicians plus local acts such as 1st Pube, Mark Mallman, Stuart DeVaan, complicit, Slapping Purses, and Grant Cutler, among others, have taken over the role.

As the years have gone by, the Freaky Deeky ranks have swelled to include around 20 somewhat regular on-screen freaks, production team members, artists, and others who make the show what it is today. After more than four years freaking out on the air, Freaky Deeky broadcast its final episode on March 25, 2012. What started as a small, experimental project blossomed into a massive, beloved Minneapolis phenomenon unlike any other, proudly embracing and flaunting weirdness, artistic expression, and the good ol-fashioned art of just having fun. The show itself might be over, but the name, brand, and legacy of Freaky Deeky still lives on, ready to embrace whatever the future holds for us. But one thing's certain in these uncertain times: we will always keep Minneapolis-- and the world-- WEIRD!


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