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FREAKY DEEKY LIVE- Not in Minneapolis? No problem! Catch us live here! Sundays at 10PM CST!

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VIMEO- YouTube's hotter, younger sister. We'd tap that.

iTunes- Watch our latest episodes by subscribing to our free podcast!

MTN- The mothership.

IMPLEX- The digital distribution hub that makes our webcast possible!

PLAYATTA- Minneapolis' preeminent digital playground party factory, and the source of Freaky Deeky's special effects wizardry.

SAVAGE AURAL HOTBED- Check out the raw, untamed sounds of the acclaimed percussion group, featuring FD benefactor Stuart DeVaan.

MPLS.TV- The ultimate source for all things Minneapolitan arts, culture, and creativity. Check out weekly episodic FD recaps by our own Bobby Kahn!

ANTHEM HEART- Top of the line screenprinting, graphic design, clothing design, and event promotion.

THE SOAP FACTORY- Non-profit Minneapolis organization celebrating artistic innovation and experimentation, supporting artists both emerging and veteran.

THE TANGENTIAL- Award-winning pop culture-centered blog co-founded and edited by fellow Freak Jay Gabler. Don't be boring, and don't suck.

YEP>NOPE- Tumblr madness with crazy GIFs and Photoshop art made by Playatta co-founder and Freaky Deeky VFX whiz Papa Matt Visionquest.

THE DIRECTOR- Homepage for roving FD cameraman and filmmaker David Rector, featuring image and video galleries.

BURLESQUE OF NORTH AMERICA- Graphic design, screenprinting, publishing, and party-promoting company created and run by our main man Wes Winship.

JAY GABLER- Homepage for journalist, arts editor, sociology professor, and Freaky Deeky regular Jay Gabler, PhD.

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